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People's everchanging existence result in progressively more specifications for the final traits of homes, and the calls for for flats have marched in the direction of the mental measurement and cultural sphere. as a result, there come up new layout tendencies and new necessities for surroundings, fabric choice and layout suggestion. The layout tasks during this booklet lead readers to understand the relief and cosiness of the usual house. The designers of those initiatives have created extra average, and handy residing areas within the such a lot normal and purest layout languages, giving them a finished and vibrant clarification of the structure layout idea that structures are created for individuals.

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The furniture is all designed and reflects the characteristics of the house. The colours are bright and delicate, the floors reflect the light that comes imposingly from the large windows and the walls are very bright white. 设计师坚信灯光设计在创新型设计中的重要性。 房屋设计要满足客户两个需求:第一,避免使用当地房屋建筑的固有模式。第二,建设技术先进型房屋。 为了瞒足第一个要求,建筑师们对不同领域加以研究以营造温馨而又隐蔽的私人空间。因此,他们在房子 与周围建筑间设计了绿篱栅栏,打造了一个全新的绿色空间,同时室内空间又通过大窗户与室外形成直接 对话。客厅看起来像是一个大玻璃立方体,向游泳池开放。 构造的轻盈与入口处石头墙壁的厚重相互综合,又用木制人行桥来突出亮点。为了遮盖更加隐私的房间, 木条和滑动板结合为房子打造了似乎可移动的臂膀。钢木材料结合的板条与建筑分离安放,打造了受庇护 的室外空间。 屋顶平台被用作了房间的空中花园。从技术角度讲,房子为全自动化设计。就是这种全自动化设计使主人 即使在远处也能保证了房子的功能性,保证了房子的安全性、舒适性与节能性能。 家具设计完全体现了房子的特色。颜色明亮精致,地板将从窗口直入的光线反射出去,墙壁也呈现出亮白 色。 3 1.

The tower of terrace has been coloured white 2. The house is divided into the big and the small parts 3. The main entrance is on the first floor where you can overlook the beautiful grass 1. 平台的塔楼部分被涂成白色 2. 房屋分为大、小两部分 3. 主入口位于二楼,俯瞰美丽的草地 1 2 3 110~111 1 1. The façade of the house 2. Children’s room 1. 房屋的正立面 2. 儿童房 Ground Floor Plan 1. Children Room 2. Children Room 3. Dressing Room 4. Master’s Bedroom 5. Bathroom 6. Bathroom 7. Server Room 8. Storage 9. Children Playground Area 10. Entry and Stairs 11.

From this corridor almost all the rooms of the house can be reached and it can also provide a more representative entrance to the living room when necessary. The new living room has a maximum of openness towards the garden, but is closed to the street to ensure privacy. At the same time, the city planning office required window openings in this facade to lighten up the impression from the street. The solution was to shape the aluminium sheets of the facade as a trellis for growing vines. It always takes time for the vines to establish, therefore the architects have designed a pattern that brings a lifelike quality to the facade in the absence of greenery.

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