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A Dictionary of Superstitions and Mythology

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Fish are sometimes transformed into birds (China—MAYER, Chin. Read. , p. ) The single, or twice repeated, cry of a bird is a good omen; but if the cry be repeated three times, the meaning is reversed (Greece—LAWSON, p. 313). If birds enter the house and fly round in a room, it is a sign of death (LE BRAZ, Vol. 1, p. 7, quoting TIERNEY, Hermine, Vol. XXXIII, p. 235). Birth: Children cannot be born till the tide comes in. If you are born at sermon-time on Christmas morning, you can see spirits. ) “First a daughter, then a son, The world is well begun.

Jupiter took her to Heaven and she became the constellation Great Bear. Calydonian Boar-Hunt: Gr. Myth. It was the pursuit by a band of heroes of the boar, sent by Artemis to ravage Calydon. The boar was finally slain by Meleagor. Calypso: Gr. Myth. A sea-nymph who kept Odysseus (Ulysses) in her island, Ogygia, for seven years. Camel: Arabs sacrificed camels on the grave of the owner (BERTHOLET, p. 12 cf. ibid. p. 22 ; MACDONNEL, Vedic Mythology, p. 165; Handbook to the Ethnographical Collections of the British Museum, 1910, p.

WUTTKE, p. ) Chimney Sweep: It is lucky to meet a chimney sweep the first thing in the morning. (Great Britain, France, Germany, Bohemia). ” A jewel which is supposed to have the power of granting all desires. It is said to have belonged to Brahma, who himself is called by this name. , p. ) cf. Aladin’s Wonderful Lamp. ” Gods or deified mortals who live for long periods. Chiron: Gr. Myth. A Centaur, tutor of Achilles and other heroes. Chitra-lekha: Hindu Myth. ” A nymph who was skilled in painting and in the magic arts.

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