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By Edward Emerson Barnard

Edward Emerson Barnard's Photographic Atlas of chosen areas of the Milky manner used to be initially released in volumes in 1927. jointly those volumes contained a wealth of knowledge, together with photographic plates of the main fascinating parts of the Milky manner, descriptive textual content, charts, and knowledge. basically seven hundred copies have been revealed, making the unique version a collector's merchandise. Reproduced in print for the 1st time, this version combines either volumes of Barnard's Atlas. It at once replicates Barnard's textual content, and comprises excessive answer photographs of the unique photographic plates and charts, reordered as a way to be obvious jointly. it's also a biography of Barnard and his paintings, a Foreword and Addendum through Gerald Orin Dobek describing the significance of the Atlas and additions to this quantity, and a pull-out part with a mosaic of all 50 plates mixed in one landscape.

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Edge of B 15 Very small; elongated N. ; close to E. edge of B 15 Diam. 1°; group of dark spots Large; indefinite; diam. 1° In S. † Indefinite; irregularly round; diam. 10 Irregular; unequally dark; extended SE. ; diam. 2°† Very small, bright nebula; diam. 3 † [21] CATALOGUE OF 349 DARK OBJECTS IN THE SKY—Continued NO. 0 δ 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 4h32m40s 4 35 0 4 42 56 4 46 40 4 47 10 4 47 54 4 58 20 5 23 15 5 25 0 5 25 8 Diam. D. + 29°728 (6M. 5) in N. part Diam. 8 ; sharply pointed to the S.

Astronomische Nachrichten “Small Black Hole in the Milky Way,” A. ,108, 369,1884 “Stellar Photography,” S. C. C. 2237 [1 sketch],” A. , 122, 253, 1889 “On Some Celestial Photographs Made with a Large Portrait Lens at the Lick Observatory [1 plate],” M. ,50, 310–314, 1890 “On the Photographs of the Milky Way Made at the Lick Observatory in 1889,” Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2, 240–244, 1890 “Photographing with a Non-Photographic Telescope,” S. ,10, 331, 1891. ) “Photographic Nebulosities and Groups of Nebulous Stars,” A.

L. E. Dreyer. This forms Volume XLIX, Part I, of the Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society, and was published in 1888. It was extended by Dreyer in two supplementary catalogues of objects discovered by later observers, known as Index Catalogue of Nebulae, found in the years 1888 to 1894, forming Volume L I of the Memoirs, and Second Index Catalogue, containing objects found in the years 1895 to 1907, being Volume LIX of the Memoirs. C. C. II. BIBLIOGRAPHY S. M. = Sidereal Messenger A. and Ap.

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