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This e-book is set migration as a sort of risk-taking. in response to Ukrainian women's reviews within the Polish household paintings quarter, it provides a brand new method of examine activities of girl migrants responding to the call for for loved ones labour world wide. hazards concerned about migration and in migrant family paintings are accounted for intimately along an research of the migration decision-making procedures. This research exhibits how social ties and migrant associations successfully lessen the another way radical asymmetry of energy among a person migrant, the nation and an organization. A dicy company? brings to gentle the complicated probability constructions of migrants' actions and their subtle responses to them. With their cutting edge recommendations, migrants problem government-imposed constraints and therefore lessen the hazards of migration.** [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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Migration can be understood as a response to the experience of new risks resulting from systemic and political transformations, such as unemploy­ ment and failure of institutions that used to provide trust in society. Also, particular new labour relations develop, which leads to workers becoming mobile. In addition, going against Beck’s argument about democratic risks, migrant workers are able to influence positively or negatively their residence status, depending on their material standing. Those who can prove they have a regular income stand a better chance of obtaining a temporary residence permit in the country of migration.

Currently, domestic work is constructed as ‘women’s work’. The per­ ception of domestic work as women’s work results mainly from the gendered division of housework, with unwaged domestic chores contin­ uing to be primarily women’s responsibility (Anderson 2001; Andall 2000). It is more common for men and women to share child-care, but these changes are slow. 20 Remunerated house and care work partially replaces or complements work done without financial compensation. Paid domestic work is a response to an assump­ tion built into the welfare state that women ought to combine waged work and unpaid domestic work.

The perception of and response to risk also involves mutual obligations and expectations, with individuals helping each other avoid particular dangers. According to this perspective, individuals use culturally learned assumptions and weighing when it comes to estimating risks. Risk is therefore a politicised and morally loaded notion; as such, it plays a particular social function. Douglas and Wildavsky (1982) reject the realist view that only experts can assess risks, while lay people have a distorted perception due to social and cultural influences.

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