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By V.I. Feodosiev, Sergey A. Voronov, Sergey V. Yaresko

This booklet is a set of difficulties for complicated scholars within the sector of power of fabrics. It attracts the reader?s consciousness additionally to difficulties which are frequently missed and solutions questions which are some distance past a coaching direction and require extra basic realizing. All difficulties are supplied with specific suggestions to permit the reader to both find out about the problem-solving procedure or simply to envision his/her personal method of resolution. The examine and academic paintings of V.I. Feodosiev was once conducted within the Bauman Moscow country technical college the place he held the path on energy of fabrics for fifty years. Deep perception into engineering difficulties, clearness of techniques and style of ideas followed through pedagogical expertise are the most positive factors of his sort.

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117 Di¤erent bending rigidity depending on the sign of the bending moment occurs also in the case of a compressed rod with nonsymmetrical cross-section under plastic deformation (see problem 158). 128. A clamped at its base column has an axial through hole (Fig. 118). A ‡exible rope is inserted without clearance and friction into the hole. The rope is attached to the free end of the rod. Can this rod loose its stability if we suspend a su¢ciently large weight P to the rope? 129. The scheme considered in the previous problem is changed.

What tank …lling liquid level h will cause loss of the supporting mast’s stability? Fig. 130 Fig. 131 140. Let us imagine a rod with narrow rectangular cross-section clamped at its lower end (Fig. 131). If load P is central then its critical value is known to be equal to ¼ 2E J=(4l 2 ): What will be the change in this result if the point of load application is displaced along axis z by the value a from the cross-section centroid? 54 4. Stability Part I. Problems 141. A column with plane ends is compressed between two slabs (Fig.

Fig. 104 Diagonal rods have a rectangular cross-section with measures b and h p (b >> h) : If the frame is loaded by force P 2 as shown in Fig. 104 then one diagonal is stretched and another is compressed by forces P . What value of force P will cause the rods’ buckling out of the frame plane? 116. It is well known that a long straight rod twisted by two moments can loose its stability under certain conditions. Such type of buckling is observed in the most visual form in case of thread and cable torsion.

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