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By Theodor W. Adorno

This vintage ebook by way of Theodor W. Adorno anticipates the various subject matters that experience in view that turn into universal in modern philosophy: the critique of foundationalism, the illusions of idealism and the tip of epistemology. It additionally foreshadows some of the key rules that have been constructed by means of Adorno in his most vital philosophical works, together with Negative Dialectics.

Against Epistemology is predicated on a manuscript Adorno initially wrote in Oxford in 1934-37 in the course of his first years in exile and hence transformed in Frankfurt in 1955-56. The textual content was once written as a critique of Husserl’s phenomenology, however the critique of phenomenology is used because the celebration for a wider critique of epistemology. Adorno defined this as a ‘metacritique’ which blends jointly the research of Husserl’s phenomenology because the such a lot complicated example of the decay of bourgeois idealism with an immanent critique of the tensions and contradictions inner to Husserl’s concept. the result's a robust textual content which continues to be some of the most devastating opinions of Husserl’s paintings ever written and which heralded some of the rules that experience develop into common in modern philosophy.

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Thus, were we to apply accurate terms of comparable nature, it might be better to distinguish Anglo-American with Euro-American philosophies. Here, at least, both convey equivalent senses of origins and places. Similarly, phenomenology or phenomenological philosophy compares with analytic philosophy as different style emphases. Thus, to my mind, the by now traditional termContinental philosophyis a misnomer. There is another reason why this is the case. In a world which communicates as rapidly as this and in which philosophers meet on the various continents, there is a sense in which philosophies occur everywhere, but in different mixes.

1. PhenomenologyAddresses, essays, lectures. I. Title. ) 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Page v For Dante Lenea Page vii CONTENTS Preface ix Introduction: Phenomenology in America (1964-1984) 1 Part I. Perceptual Polymorphy 1. A Phenomenology of Voice 27 2. Is There Always Perception? 48 3. Phenomenology, "Metaphor-Metaphysics" and the Text 68 Part II. Technics 4. Technics: From Progress to Ambiguity 79 5. Technology: Utopia and Dystopia 92 6. Technology and Cultural Variations 116 Part III. Critical Essays 7.

Its watchwords were "rigor," ''precision," a thinking modelled upon mathematics and strict logics, and a model which could be called a research program. But a question can arise as to whether or not another aspect of the science paradigm holds: is the research accumulative? That the practices have been sharpened, even extended to realms of interest previously barred by the secret metaphysical tastes of the Positivists, can hardly be denied. But one would be hard put to draw up a set of agreed upon results with respect to the research program paradigm.

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