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By John Lechte

Can human rights safeguard the stateless? Or are they completely excluded from politics and condemned to "bare life"?Human rights are in situation this day. far and wide one seems, there's violence, deprivation, and oppression, which human rights norms appear powerless to avoid. This ebook investigates the roots of the present trouble during the considered Italian thinker, Giorgio Agamben. Human rights idea and perform needs to come to grips with key difficulties pointed out by means of Agamben - the violence of the sovereign kingdom of exception and the relief of humanity to 'bare' existence. Any renewal of human rights at the present time needs to contain breaking decisively with the normal coordinates of Western political inspiration and as a substitute verify a brand new realizing of existence and political motion.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, Aristotle manages to get around this problem by pointing out that it is a natural fact that body differences in humans (and the slave is still human) are not extreme, but that, in any case, the real differences occur with the sout which remains invisible. This is where natural inferiority is located. Whereas the soul of a freeman is very pronounced, that of a slave is virtually non -existent. So Aristotle can still conclude that: 'It is clear, then, that some 111en are by nature free, and others slaves, and that for these latter slavery is both expedient and right' (1255cl-2).

As weIl as Antigone, surrounding Creon in the play are his son, Haemon, the blind prophet, Teiresias, and Creon' s wife, Eurydice. Each is there in both word and deed to impress upon Creon - and, no doubt, upon aIl sovereign power - that pure obedience does not suffice and, indeed, can lead to the undoing of even the most totalitarian of regimes. Whether or not this is simply a version of poetic justice or relates to something intrinsic to the wielding of state power is the key issue. Creon orders that Antigone be put to death for attempting to bury her brother, Polynices, slain in an attempt to overthrow Creon' s rule.

12 After first being mentioned in UN Development Program's 1994 report, the notion of human security has come to form one of the main planks of UN policy. Principles of human security were set out as part of the UN mission in a letter from the then Secretary-General Kofi Annan to the UN General Assembly, which stressed the importance of human rights to collective security (see United Nations 2005). 13 See, for instance, David Chandler's critique of human security (2008: 427-38). 14 Here Foucault refers to a 'genealogy of problems, of problematiques', which is close to our own approach to the question of human security and humanitarianism.

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