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By Rolf Färe, Shawna Grosskopf, Daniel Primont

Economists have lengthy studied the potency of corporations, industries, and whole economies. This quantity brings jointly top students to make connections among potency and a few diversified components of present curiosity to economists, together with an exam of the potency of tax platforms throughout generations that overlap, and the potency of establishment mergers that highlights the tradeoff among the synergy of the merger and the matter of managerial oversight within the now better enterprise. An empirical examine productiveness progress of states makes use of a tripartite decomposition of work productiveness into technological innovation, development in potency, and the capital deepening led to by means of new company funding, laying off gentle on very important debates on their relative value. The potency of patent legislation is tested in a contemporary version of financial development. those contributions are complemented via analyses of methodological difficulties fascinated by the dimension, estimation and aggregation of potency indices.

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N. See Lau (1977) and Blackorby, Primont, and Russell (1978, pp. 290-296) for a further discussion. The two functional forms that they found are the quadratic N+M T (z) = L N+M N+M aizi + L i=l j=l L where n = N +M,z = (x ,y) and T(z) = T(x ,y) we will call the transcendental-exponential T (x , y) = (14) bjkZjZk, k=l = D(x ,y; IN , 1M ) , and what AIn {L~l Lf=l aij exp (AXi) exp (AXj) + L~l L~l bke exp (-AYk) exp (-AYe) (15) + L~l L~l Cik exp (AXi) exp (-AYk) } . The quadratic (14) is linear in the parameters and can be readily estimated.

Also of interest to us is the structure of the tax system in the set of Pareto-optima. That is, for example, are there regions of the Pareto-frontier that entail commodity taxes and taxes on savings and other regions that entail either no taxes or no taxes on savings? Consider first the case where 1/1 and 1/2 are equal to zero, that is, neither government capital constraint is strictly binding. This implies that the right side of (89)-(91) are equal to zero and that /-Llrl = /-L2 8l and /-L2 r2 = /-L382· (92) Rewriting (89) now yields E;~rr3] E2 = O.

Our results are of interest not only in their own right, but also in the context of optimal taxes . It is sometimes claimed that expenditure taxes are preferable to income taxes because the latter entail some version of double taxation. 22 At the very least, it is sometimes maintained that taxes on savings are not optimal. Our results give no support to this claim. At the very least, it is hoped that our results demonstrate that extending the analysis of overlapping generations models to include many consumption goods is both feasible and rewarding.

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