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By Laurie Boswell, Timothy D. Kanold, Lee Stiff, Holt Mcdougal

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In this chapter you learned the following algorithm. Write a verbal model. Assign labels. Write an algebraic model. 1. Write a word problem and use the algorithm shown to solve the problem. 2. Give two more examples of step-by-step methods you have learned in your study of mathematics. Show a worked-out problem using each method. al-Khwarizmi’s work is translated into Latin. 2)) BIGA = A(1) DO 20 I = 2 ,N 1145 IF (BIGA-A(I) 10,20,20 BIGA = A(I) 1840 CONTINUE 1956 PRINT 2, N, BIGA FORMAT 922H1THE LARGEST 825 Scholars study at the House of Wisdom.

64. ART CONNECTION In 1997 the artist Jon Kuhn of North Carolina created a cubic sculpture called Crystal Victory, shown at the left. 5 inches in length. How much liquid glass did Kuhn need to make the cube? 65. VOLUME OF A SAFE Each dimension of the cubical storage space inside a fireproof safe is 12 inches. What is the volume of the storage space? 66. 5 meters wide, and 3 meters deep. Use the formula for the volume of a rectangular prism to find the volume of water in the pool. The formula is the length times the width times the height.

4 • 4 • 4 • 4 • 4 14. 5y • 5y • 5y 15. five squared 16. 3 • 3 • 3 • 3 • 3 • 3 • t 17. 7x • 7x Evaluate the expression when x = 6. 2) 18. x 5 19. 2x 3 20. (2x)3 21. x 2 º 3 (32 º 3) 24. ᎏᎏ 2•9 2(17 + 2 • 4) 25. ᎏᎏ 62 º 11 Evaluate the expression. 3) 6•3 22. ᎏᎏ 7 + (23 º 1) 26. 22 25 º 12 ᎏ 23. 2 feet on each side. What is the volume of the box? 4 Developing Concepts Finding Patterns ᭤ QUESTION SET UP How can you use algebra to describe a pattern? Work in a small group. ᭤ EXPLORING THE CONCEPT MATERIALS 1 Copy the first four figures on graph paper.

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