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Alliteration happens in a wide selection of contexts in stress-initial languages, together with Icelandic, Finnish and Mongolian. it may be present in English from Beowulf to The sunlight. however, alliteration continues to be an unexamined phenomenon. This pioneering quantity takes alliteration as its relevant concentration throughout numerous languages and domain names.

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Variations on Raton Rowe, ‘row of rat-infested houses’, are found in most medieval towns. Like other alliterative names, this is first found in the thirteenth century, and cannot be much earlier, raton having been borrowed by Middle 28 Alliteration in Culture English from French about this time. Vicus de Ratunrowe appears in 1288 at Norwich (PN Nf 1:130), followed by Ratonsrowe (1301) at Shrewsbury (PN Sa 4:7), Ratounrowe (1308) at Nottingham (PN Nt 16), and le Ratoun Rowe (1330) at Derby, afterwards Rotten Rowe (1540) (PN Db 2:449).

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