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By Paul C. Eklof

This is often a longer remedy of the set-theoretic strategies that have remodeled the learn of abelian workforce and module conception during the last 15 years. a part of the booklet is new paintings which doesn't seem somewhere else in any shape. furthermore, a wide physique of fabric which has seemed formerly (in scattered and occasionally inaccessible magazine articles) has been widely remodeled and in lots of circumstances given new and better proofs. The set thought required is punctiliously constructed with algebraists in brain, and the independence effects are derived from explicitly said axioms. The booklet includes workouts and a advisor to the literature and is acceptable to be used in graduate classes or seminars, in addition to being of curiosity to researchers in algebra and common sense.

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If. is a n LwlW-compactcardinal, then every K-free abelian group (of arbitrary cardinality) is free. 3. $4. Cubs a n d s t a t i o n a r y sets Our theme in this section will be the description of “relatively large” subsets of a limit ordinal y; we will have analogs of “sets of measure 1” (the closed unbounded sets, or cubs) and of “sets of non-zero measure” (the stationary sets). 1 Definition. , sup C = y. In some sources, a cub is called a club. The definition above makes sense even for ordinals of countable cofinality, but most of the good properties of cubs occur for ordinals of uncountable cofinality.

Module) the submodule of the direct product M / U consisting of those elements (au U)uEusuch that for all U 2 V , ~ u , v ( n u U)= a v V . So (uu U)uEuis in the inverse limit if and only il' (au)uEuis a Cauchy net. As well, two Cauchy nets give rise to the same element of the inverse limit if and only if they are equivalent. The rest of the proof is routine. 0 + + + + I. 4 Example. d. equipped with the p-adic topology for some prime p . Then R is Hausdorff since n,p"R = 0 by unique is a discrete valuation ring, that factorization.

For any sets A and B , let AB denote the set of all functions from A to B. Then define K' to be the cardinality of ' K . Define K<' to be the sup of { K P : ~< A}. Then for example, 2" equals the cardinality of P ( K )for , the latter is equinumerous with the set of characteristic functions of subsets of K . If K is infinite, 2" equals K". But which aleph is 2N0 equal to? The Continuum Hypothesis (CH) says that and the Generalized Continuum Hypothesis (GCH) says that for all ordinals a , 2N" = N,+l.

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