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By David E. Clark, Diane C. Folz, Thomas D. McGee

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During production, engineers discovered that the rear-mounted gas tank of the Pinto, which was built to industry standards, could possibly explode in a rear-end collision. When management of Ford was notified of the gas tank problem, they applied a cost-benefit approach and determined the cost to fix the problem as opposed to the cost that could be paid out in lawsuits. 5 million Pintos sold worldwide, the recall costs would have been $137 million. For the expected 180 deaths and 180 serious injuries that would result, the cost for potential lawsuits was estimated to be only $49 million.

MacDowell, Commercial Glasses, Advances in Ceramics, Vol. , Colmnbus, OH, 1986. 15. S. , New York, NY, 199 1. 16. T. F. Berard, Ceramics: Industrid Processina and Testing, 2ndEdition, Iowa State University Press, Ames, IA, 1993. 17. D. Frechette, Failure Analysis of Brittle Materials, Advances in Ceramics, Vol. , 1990. 18. Refiactories Handbook, The Technical Association of Refractories, Tokyo, Japan, 1998. 19. B. , Westerville, OH, 1999. 20. A. Murfin, Dictionary of Ceramics, 3d Edition, The Institute of Materials, London, England, 1994.

Environmental issues, intellectual property concerns, conflicts of interest are just some of the areas engineers may encounter ethical questions. This section will provide a brief overview of these issues, and if you have -er questions, consult the recommended reading list at the end of the chapter for additional sources of information. Engineers And The Environment The phrase “Green Engineering” has recently become popular in engineering circles, and is a rapidly growing field in engineering industry.

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