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The more he tearsA around, the more liableB he is to ripe his legs off. A runs in fear B likely C tear At the end of the nineteenth century, Hamlin Garland was describing the failure of the "American Dream" . Like many twenti­ eth-century naturalists, he felt that the forces of American capitalism had destroyed the individual's freedom: " I n the world of business, the life of one man seems to be drawn from the life of another man, each success springs from others' failures . " AMBROSE BIERCE ( 1 842 1 9 1 4) was one o f the few important writers in late nineteenth-century America who was not a realist or a naturalist.

At last, the poet looks forward to death, not with fear, but with curiosity. Lanier also wrote an important book on how to write poetry, The Science oj English Verse ( 1 880) . GEORGE WASHINGTON CABLE ( 1 844 1 925) was another Southern writer. He was a close friend of Mark Twain and often toured the country with him, giving lectures. An important "local color" writer, he specialized in the life of the Creoles ( French whites living in the New Orleans region) . In such stories as Parson Jove, he showed the amusing differences between Creole culture and the neighboring Protestant culture of the South.

Finally, she goes to the river and looks down at the :vater, "lapping oilily against the timbers". Then she jumps in. �Ike MaggIe, all of Crane's characters are controlled by their envIro nment. This is what makes Crane a "naturalist". Although . MaggIe wants to be good, the accidents oflife make her seem bad . In The Red Badge ojCourage ( r 895 ) , Crane's greatest novel, the accidents of war make a young man seem to be a hero. The story is set in the Civil vVar. In the view of the author, war changes men into animals.

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