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Working out your anger shapes you up! Alternatives To Angrily Acting Out Rethink, To Change Your Expression of Anger, You Must Change 31 Your Thinking Change what you say to yourself in your head, in response to the external event. 1. Take time to rethink about what has provoked you. 2. Use a planned relaxation technique 3. Stay calm and keep your cool 4. Ask yourself if you are overreacting, taking thing too seriously, or justifying your right to be angry. PURPOSE This Anger Work-out will familiarize you with: Three essential emotional components of anger, they are your: 1.

Because, you have developed a way of reacting and responding to people and situations in an automatic learned manner. Old, learned behaviors are not easily deleted without relearning or retraining of a new ways of responding. I refer to this new reprogramming or retraining as and “Anger Work Out”. It is 32 a mental work out of the brain and nerve cells in your body. When you stop doing any of the anger “work-outs”, your old counterproductive anger habits are likely to reemerge. The more you work out, the less chance there is to be hurt by your old anger habits.

Write your thoughts below. Descriptive Words To Better Understand Myself Are: 1. 2. 3. 4. Effective communication puts the burden on the sender to insure that understanding and meaning of the intended message is delivered. Do you expect others to read your mind and try to figure out what you intend to say? Do you follow up on faulty or misunderstood communication or do you assume the worst? Write your response below. YOUR ANGER WORKOUT A key point to remember is that your work-out process is ongoing.

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