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Arab Air Forces submit WWII

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Arab Air Forces Post WWII

Arab Air Forces submit WWII

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Even if the guerrilla has to break off the air defense battle because of the enemy's superior firepower, this is the best opportunity for the Insurgent to fight the enemy on even terms. But fighting a battle at the LZ may not be in the best interests of the guerrilla. Certainly, if the heliborne troops are relatively few in number and landing in a Single area close to a point where the guerrillas can mass their forces, the enemy should be dealt a crippling blow within sight of their wrecked helicopters.

There are three important lessons to be learned from this early exercise in air defense. First, the earliest antiaircraft weapons had to be improvised. Second, despite the relative simplicity of the problem, the Austrians were not able to hit the French balloons because they lacked a way to track their shot while it was in flight. And third, despite their lack of success in hitting the balloons, the Austrians were able to come close enough to scare the balloons out of the sky. A successful air defense doesn't necessarily need to destroy aircraft in order to accomplish its goal of protecting friendly forces from observation and attack from the air.

Communist use of air defense helped to negate the heavy firepower available to American forces. 1966-1988 NAMIBIAN WAR FOR INDEPENDENCE Saw extensive use of Soviet-made heavy AA machine guns and SA-7 missiles by Namibian insurgents and Angolans against South African helicopters and jets. 101 Guerrilla Air Defense 1969-1994 NORTHERN IRELAND During this low-level insurgency, Irish Republican Army terrorists attempted to secure an improvised surface-to-air missile made from a model rocket kit. 1980-1988 AFGHAN WAR Mujihadeen insurgents defeated Soviet invaders and Afghani Republican forces.

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