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By Alan H. Welch, Kenneth G. Stollenwerk

Offers an outline of the fundamental procedures that have an effect on arsenic prevalence and shipping through delivering enough history info on arsenic geochemistry and outlines of high-arsenic flooring water. Of curiosity to scientists operating within the box of arsenic, healthiness pros attracted to arsenic publicity, and water-resource managers and regulators.

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1 Infrared (IR) and Raman Spectroscopy IR and Raman are sensitive to the rotation and vibration of molecules in solid phases (crystalline or x-ray amorphous). Molecular units of similar structure and composition absorb IR radiation in the same energy range, usually independent of the larger structure of the material; this property makes IR spectroscopy useful for studying molecules in the interfacial region such as surface hydroxyl groups and As oxoanions on mineral surfaces, and for fingerprinting the local environment of As in crystalline Chapter 2 32 and x-ray amorphous solids.

These fluids are generally dilute in arsenic and do not contain the high levels of hydroxide considered by Garrett et al. (1940). Therefore, we have not included in our tables, or method, the polymeric forms suggested by Garrett et al. (1940), Ivakin et al. (1976), and Pokrovski et al. (1996). 5 Complications in chloride media Wagman et al. (1968, 1982) gave a value for the Gibbs energy of formation of undissociated arsenic acid. That value was obtained from values reported by Foerster and Pressprich (1927) and auxiliary values.

1993 ; Table 5). , 1993). , a bidentate geometry; Fig. 7). , a tridentate complex; Fig. 7). This geometry yields the identical interatomic distance as the bidentate complex, but there is only one Fe nearest neighbor, which does not agree with the 48 Chapter 2 EXAFS data. However, XAFS spectroscopy is not very sensitive to coordination numbers, so independent verification is needed. , 1993, table 4). Several investigators have used IR spectroscopy to study As(III) and As(V) sorption on goethite and ferrihydrite (Tables 3 and 4).

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