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By Daniel G. Bobrow

This significant choice of brief essays reports the scope and development of analysis in man made intelligence during the last 20 years. Seminal and most-cited papers from the magazine synthetic Intelligence are revisited through the authors who describe how their study has been built, either by means of themselves and by means of others, because the journals first publication.The twenty-eight papers span a wide selection of domain names, together with fact maintainance structures and qualitative procedure idea, chemical constitution research, analysis of defective circuits, and figuring out visible scenes; additionally they span a huge diversity of methodologies, from AI's mathematical foundations to structures architecture.The quantity is devoted to Allen Newell and concludes with a piece of fourteen essays dedicated to a retrospective at the power and imaginative and prescient of his work.Sections/Contributors:- synthetic Intelligence in standpoint, D. G. Bobrow.- Foundations. J. McCarthy, R. C. Moore, A. Newell, N. J. Nilsson, J. Gordon and E. H. Shortliffe, J. Pearl, A. okay. Mackworth and E. C. Freuder, J. de Kleer.- imaginative and prescient. H. G. Barrow and J. M. Tenenbaum, B. okay. P. Horn and B. Schunck, okay. Ikeuchi, T. Kanade.- Qualitative Reasoning. J. de Kleer, okay. D. Forbus, B. J. Kuipers, Y. Iwasake and H. A Simon.- prognosis. R. Davis, M. R. Genesereth, P. Szolovits and S. G. Pauker, R. Davis, B. G. Buchanan and E. H. Shortliffe, W. J. Clancey.- Architectures. J. S. Aikins, B. Hayes-Roth, M. J. Stefik et al.- structures. R. E. Fikes and N. J. Nilsson, E. A Feigenbaum and B. G. Buchanan, J. McDermott. Allen Newell. H. A. Simon, M. J. Stefik and S. W. Smoliar, M. A. Arbib, D. C. Dennett, Purves, R. C. Schank and M. Y. Jona, P. S. Rosenbloom and J. E. Laird, P. E. Agre.

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Gradually it has become apparent that between the knowledge-level description of a Soar Cop yrigh ted Material Reflections on the knowledge level 37 system and the symbol-level description (the one that talks about recognition memory, working memory, the decide process, impasses, and chunking) there is an organization in terms of problem spaces which in many ways is like another computational model. One need only talk about operators, states, desired states, selection knowledge for operators, etc.

Lam also indebted to Judea Pearl for his comments and suggestions about the present note. J. Cheeseman, A method of computing generalized Bayesian probability values for expert systems, in: Proceedings IJCAI-83, Karlsruhe, Germany (1983) B. de Finetti, Theory of Probability (Wiley, New York, 1974). RO. S. Geological Survey, Contract No. 14-08-0001-17296, SRI International, Menlo Park, CA (1980). RO. E. J. W. J. , Readings in Artificial Intelligence (Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo, CA, 1981). R. Fagin and J.

For each such theory, there are only finitely many possible-world models, which are themselves finite structures. So any questions of validity, satisfiabïlity, or consequence can be answered simply by enumerating and checking all the models. If autoepistemic logic is extended to first-order logic, but "quantifying-in" is dissallowedthat is, if autoepistemic modal operators are never applied to Cc 'righted Material Autoepistemic logic revisited 29 formulas with free variablesthen all the important syntactic and semantic properties of the logic seem to carry over, but the computational properties change because the models are no longer guaranteed to be finite, and there may be infinitely many of them.

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