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By Hermann Hunger, David Pingree

Astronomy and astrology, or the astral sciences, performed an important, if now not key function within the political and spiritual lifetime of the traditional close to East, and of the Greek and Roman international. this article presents a accomplished account of the origins of the astral sciences within the historic close to East. every kind of Sumerian or Akkadian textual content facing descriptive or mathematical astronomy, together with many person drugs are completely handled. It additionally good points descriptions of astronomical contents, an evidence in their clinical that means, and where a given style or pill has within the improvement of astronomy either in the Mesopotamian tradition and outdoors of it.

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The last topic, on Tablets 28 (29) and 29 (30), is phenomena connected with the appearance of a cloudbank near the Sun. Here, as in the preceding Tablets, colors play an important role. The general solar omens are followed by omens from solar eclipses, as in the case of the moon; they are found on Tablets 31 to 36 according to Weidner's ([ 1968/69]) reconstruction. The boundary between Sun omens and weather omens cannot be drawn exactly in the present state of our knowledge. After the omens from solar eclipses, the sequence and contents of Enüma Anu Enlil are particularly fragmentary and uncertain.

Then bibbus "flare up" ($arāru) and meet stars or planets. More sections deal with bibbus and stars or constellations, also with other planets and the moon. Then comes another general statement about visibility periods of Saturn, and again about Mercury. APIN Tablet II i 53-59 and 64f. Two more lines on bibbu and three more items on Mars lead up to the end of the Tablet. 20 CHAPTER ONE Tablet 57 deals in the beginning of its preserved part with omens from the constellations of the Raven, the Eagle and the Fox.

He showed that it was practically a duplicate to Enüma Anu Enlil 22, see now Rochberg-Halton [1988a] p. 27If. 7. Nuzi A tablet of earthquake omens was found at Nuzi and edited by Lacheman [1937]. It seems to contain excerpts from an already damaged original, in two sections. The first section has a parallel in the weather section of later Enüma Anu Enlil,15 the second in Tablet 22, belonging to the lunar eclipse section, see Rochberg-Halton [1988a] pp. 262-269. Both sections of the Nuzi tablet are also parallel to Iqqur īpuš § 100-101 in Labat [1965].

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