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By G. Burkhardt, U. Esser, H. Hefele, Inge Heinrich (auth.), G. Burkhardt, U. Esser, H. Hefele, Inge Heinrich, W. Hofmann, D. Krahn, V. R. Matas, Dr. Lutz D. Schmadel, Prof. Dr. Roland Wielen, G. Zech (eds.)

Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts goals to provide a complete documentation of the literature pertaining to all features of astronomy, astrophysics, and their border fields. it truly is dedicated to the recording, summarizing, and indexing of appropriate courses in the course of the global. Astronomy andAstrophysics Abstracts is ready by means of a different division of the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut below the auspices of the foreign Astronomical Union.
Volume 59/60 - the 5th Cumulative Index of Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts - contains writer, topic, and item indexes to volumes forty nine - fifty eight. therefore, the astronomical and astrophysical literature of the five-year interval 1989 - 1993 is roofed by way of this volume.

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513 Ball, D. W. 152 Baii,J. A. 026 Ball, J. R. 047 Ball, L. 144 Ball, L. T. 060 Ball, R. 314 Ball, R. D. M. 186 Ball, W. 124 Ball, W. F. 104 Balsara Ballabh, G. M. 190 Ballagh, R. J. 198 Ballani, L. 082 Ballard, J. 058 Ballard, K. 223 Ballard, K. R. 086 Ballard, T. A. 009 Ballardini, A. 010 Ballereau, D. 083 Ballester, G. E. 123 Ballester, J. L. 144 Ballester, P. 255 Ballester, V. J. 206 Ballesteros, A. 150 Ballesteros, E. 072 Ballesteros Ramirez, E. 166 Ballet, J. 026 Ballet, J. 200 Ballingall, R.

130 Baker, D. A. 01 I Bakerkin, A. V. Bakhareva, N. M. Baker, D. 126 Baker II, R. D. Bakhareva, M. F. Baker, C. P. Bais, A. F. 043 Baker, W. M. 068 Baisultanova, L. M. 058 Bakaya, R. Baker, A. C. 264 Bak, P. Baker, A. Baird, E. D. 082 Bakes, E. L. 0. Bakaev, M. I. 065 Bains, P. S. 004 Bakes, E. 483 Bakatanov, V. N. 083 Baker, R. Baker, V. R. Bajkova, A. T. Bajtlik, S. 016 Bajdal, G. M. 043 Baker, P. C. Baker, T. F. 041 Baker, M. L. 023 Bajramov, Z. T. Baird, S. R. 035 Baines, K. H. Bailey, S. H.

086 Barraco, D. 156 Barrett, P. 239 Barrett, P. E. 004 Barrett, R. 062 Barrett, R. A. 078 Barrett, T. K. 013 Barraco, D. E. Barrett, W. Barone, M. Barrado, D. Barrett, W. L. Barone, P. Barranco, M. 102 Baroni, S. 357 Baros, F. 004 Barreiro, F. Barouch, E. 040 Barr, G. 260 Barr, G. D. 161 Barr, G. P. 057 Barr, J. M. 174 Barr, L. D. 074 Barr, P. 313 Barr, R. A. 047 Barreda, M. , J. 032 Barrera, L. H. 053 Barret, D. 019 Barreto, W. 447 Barrett, A. H. 077 Barrett, D. 041 Ba'rrett, J. D. 174 Barrett, J.

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