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They were also easy to operate and maintain, and remained the principal light anti-aircraft weapon carried in Coastal Forces vessels until the end of the war. 5in Vickers Mark III MG, which was usually mounted in pairs in a Mark V mounting. The weapon had a rate of fire of 700rpm, and was belt-fed from a box that held 650 rounds. A number of different mountings were used, including a pre-war Mark IV twin mount, which was cumbersome to operate. A much better system was the Mark V mounting - a small powered turret that housed a single gunner, and where ammunition was supplied in special canisters, which were easy to change in the heat of battle.

5in MGs in powered turrets Complement: 1 officer, 8 ratings (2 officers on MGBs 4 0 - 4 5 ) Note: Originally, MGBs 1-39 began as MA/SBs, but were converted into MGBs in 1940. MGBs 4 0 - 4 5 were built by BPB as MTBs for the Royal Netherlands Navy, but they escaped to Britain in 1940 and were commissioned as Royal Navy MGBs. In 1 9 4 1 - 4 2 , MGBs 1-2, 4 - 5 , 2 2 - 3 9 and 49 were converted into air-sea rescue launches. MGBs 4 4 - 4 5 were transferred to the Polish Navy in 1944. MGB-314 DURING THE ST NAZAIRE RAID, MARCH 1942 T h e raid o n t h e French port of St Nazaire in M a r c h 1942 w a s o n e of the most daring c o m m a n d o operations of t h e war.

Bridge 5. 303in MGs, two 2in signal launchers, two depth charges. 5in MGs in lieu of her two single 20mm Oerlikons. Additional equipment: US-Built SO radar (8-mile range), radio, echo sounder, smoke generator 6. Compass platform 7. American SO radar 8. Mainmast 9. Searchlight platform 10. Twin 20mm Oerlikon 11. Ammunition lockers 12. Automatic 6-pdr gun 13. Engineering (stoker's) mess 14. Tiller flat 15. Smoke apparatus 16. Depth charge (1 of 4) 17. Petty officers' mess 18. Twin rudders 19. PO's heads (stoker's heads on port side) 20.

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