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By Ashton Nichols

Charting a pervasive paradigm shift, Ashton Nichols chronicles the innovative draw back from the view of “Nature” as static and become independent from people because it moved in the direction of the Romantic “nature” characterised by means of dynamic hyperlinks between all dwelling issues. enticing Romantic and Victorian thinkers, in addition to modern scholarship, this ebook attracts new conclusions approximately twenty-first century rules of nature.

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Such forms broke down the integrity of the “Great Chain of Being” by suggesting that “fitness” was a matter of practical success, not of objective or ideological standards. Venus flytraps—brought to Europe first from the swamps of the southeastern United States—could capture, kill, and digest whole insects. Erasmus Darwin’s “Loves of the Plants” linked the sex lives of flowers directly to the sex lives of humans. Some plants are polygamous, while others are adulterous. Some flowers are seductive, and others are chaste.

A plant that can be said to “sleep,” even metaphorically, easily provides Shelley with a botanical example of more widely organic, and even human, characteristics. Earl Wasserman points out that “the sensitive plant was one of the most frequent examples of those ambiguous border-forms sharing both vegetable and animal characteristics” (157). Such forms broke down the integrity of the “Great Chain of Being” by suggesting that “fitness” was a matter of practical success, not of objective or ideological standards.

So what does all of this have to do with roosting, with my urbanatural year on the Blue Ridge? By roosting, I hope to link the rhythms of the nonhuman seasons to those writers and thinkers who have helped to alter one view of nature over the past two centuries. These poets and scientists have turned environmentalists away from one view, in which humans dominated the planet, toward a new view of a sustained, and sustainable, ecology. I will not remain on the Blue Ridge every day during the coming year, because I want some of my observations to come directly from the urban side of urbanature.

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