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By Marc Christopher Thomas

This thesis reports collider phenomenology of physics past the normal version on the huge Hadron Collider (LHC). It additionally explores intimately complex themes concerning Higgs boson and supersymmetry – probably the most intriguing and well-motivated streams in particle physics. particularly, it reveals a really huge enhancement of a number of Higgs boson creation in vector-boson scattering while Higgs couplings to gauge bosons vary from these anticipated by means of the normal version. The thesis demonstrates that end result of the lack of unitarity, the very huge enhancement for triple Higgs boson creation occurs. this can be a really novel finding.
The thesis additionally reviews the consequences of supersymmetric companions of most sensible and backside quarks at the Higgs construction and rot on the LHC, pointing for the 1st time to non-universal changes for 2 major creation methods of the Higgs boson on the LHC–vector boson fusion and gluon–gluon fusion.
Continuing the exploration of Higgs boson and supersymmetry on the LHC, the thesis extends latest experimental research and indicates that for a unmarried decay channel the mass of the head quark superpartner under one hundred seventy five GeV could be thoroughly excluded, which in flip excludes electroweak baryogenesis within the minimum Supersymmetric version. this can be a significant new discovering for the HEP community.
This thesis is especially in actual fact written and the advent and conclusions are obtainable to a large spectrum of readers.

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Is easy to calculate from the invariant masses of final state particles. 0362 fb when the Higgs boson contribution was removed (a = 0). This cross section is quite low since it requires leptonic decays for both Z-bosons, where the decay branching ratio in any leptonic channel is just over 3 %. 23 %. If we allow any semi-leptonic decay of the Z-bosons, the cross section is about 40 times larger. Furthermore, we can estimate that including all of the other relevant VV → VV channels, namely WW and WZ processes with semi-leptonic decays would lead to an event rate which is around a factor of 250 higher than that for the pp → jjZZ → e+ e− μ+ μ− jj process discussed above.

However, these 50 events and consequent errors are for the single pp → jjZZ → e+ e− μ+ μ− jj process considered. A complete analysis would involve the complete set of VV → VV processes (ZZ, WW , WZ), along with semi-leptonic decay channels, which as previously discussed, would increase the statistics by a factor of around 250. 5 ab−1 of integrated luminosity for cut (a) and to about 25 % for cut (d). The sensitivity to the a parameter would be expected to be similar. Moreover, these results are following a crude trial of different cuts.

In a more complete analysis, where we have calculated the fraction of bosons which would be longitudinally polarised for different intermediate values of a between 0 and 1, this would enable us to measure the hVV coupling. In our current analysis, the statistics would be too low, producing an unacceptably large error on the results, however allowing all VV → VV channels with both leptonic and semi-leptonic decays would increase our statistics by a factor of around 250. 5 ab−1 depending on which cuts are used, although further study is required to improve the accuracy of these estimations.

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