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By Arthur R. Jensen

Illuminating targeted equipment for assessing bias in normal I.Q., flair, and success exams, Jensen argues that standardized exams should not biased opposed to Englishspeaking minority teams and describes the makes use of of such assessments in schooling and employment.

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An affidavit from an official of the Educational Testing Service (ETS), which publishes the GRE, declared that the GRE was inappropriate for screening applicants for teaching positions. The affidavit warned that the GRE might be less reliable for a group of teachers than for graduate students pursuing advanced studies at the doctoral level. The court-cited affidavit from the ETS official continued: In my judgment the use of the GRE . . for selection and retention of teachers in Starkville School System ..

Second, lacking these techniques and facilities, defendants cannot justify the placement and retention of these children in lower tracks on the supposition that they could do no better, given the opportunity to do so. A legal scholar (Goodman, 1972, pp. 434-435) commenting on this aspect of Judge Wright’s decision states: The difficulty in extending Judge Wright’s approach lies in this initial premise. Few educators are so naive as to suppose that an IQ or scholastic aptitude test reveals a child’s inborn potential.

NOTES 1. Analysis of item data from more than 1,000 WISC test protocols (60 percent white and 40 percent black) obtained in Georgia by R. T. , WISC Picture Completion Item No. 1—a comb with some teeth missing) is 10 for whites and 8 for blacks. In other words, this item, relative to the other 160 items of the WISC, is in fact slightly easier for the blacks than for the whites. 2. Humphrey’s rebuttal, which well summarizes the position of the APA committee’s report, states: NOTES 25 The authors of the report also believe that test scores properly interpreted are useful.

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