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By Chris Sidwells

From mountain motorcycles and highway racers to hybrids, the Bicycle fix Manual is helping riders continue their motorcycles in top situation. excellent for novices and devoted cyclists alike, this up to date advisor to bicycle fix contains the most recent technological advances in biking, troubleshooting charts, tricks and counsel for diagnosing and challenge, and servicing schedules.

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Frame sticky side down, down under the cable outer—it is very important to prevent the cable from wearing down the carbon frame. Check the patches regularly and replace them when worn. 130–11) Oil expossed cab bles byy wipin wip g with wet lu ube on a rag R REPL ACE LUBRICATE CHECK REPLACE BRAKES CHECK STEERING AND WHEELS REPLACE DRIVETRAIN CHECK EVERY WEEK LUBRICATE Schedule the work you need to carry out on your bike by developing a maintenance timetable. The timetable on the right provides a good template, since it shows the tasks you should perform on your bike and suggests when you should do them.

This makes sure that the cable runs smoothly inside. Poor gear-shifts are often due to cables running dry inside their housings. The same is true of brakes that are hard to apply and slow to return to the ready-to-use position. 1 STEP LOCATOR 6 1 2 3 5 4 Dribble light oil on to the pivots in the front and rear derailleurs once a week. The jockey pulleys on the rear derailleur also need some light oil where they rotate around the jockey pulley bolts. 28–9). 9 Except in winter, or in bad conditions, use light oil from a spray can or bottle.

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