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Open your eyes to an international of discovery. Prowl into the wild and interesting international of massive cats. From lounging leopards to the king of beasts, discover the large senses of massive cats. A wealth of evidence, mixed with dramatic images, guarantees that Eye Wonders are the right academic commence for children. Eye Wonders is a groundbreaking reference sequence especially built for more youthful youngsters elderly 5 plus. In a gorgeous type departure for DK, very good images exhibits topics inside their usual environment, delivering an entire new point of knowledge via strong photos. Vocabulary is obtainable to kids elderly 5 plus, with the meanings of latest, subject-related phrases basically defined. The sequence presents a very good wisdom base at the flora and fauna for kids beginning to examine. the combo of breathtaking visuals and informative, actual textual content will hook even these kids who frequently steer clear of books.

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The cubs stay with their mother through their first winter, before leaving to find homes of their own. A snow leopard’s tail can be up to 35 in (90 cm) long. Annotation lorem ipsum dolor sit, consectetuer adipiscing elit The traveling cat Each snow leopard has a huge territory, which it will patrol regularly. Every cat has to travel a long way to find suitable prey, such as wild sheep and goats. 28 Cat facts •Snow leopards live about 9,800 ft (3000 m) up in the mountains. •Although they cannot roar, snow leopards do make a high-pitched yowling noise.

Solitary living alone. Species a group of animals or plants made up of related individuals who are able to produce young. Stalking to approach prey quietly, so that they do not notice until it is too late. Territory an area defended by an animal, or animals, against others of its kind. Tropics the region between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Many of the big cats live within this area. Tundra a cold, treeless area of the Arctic Circle. Few animals live in this environment. Animal alphabet Each cat featured in this book is listed here, along with its page number and some of its characteristics.

Safe with mom Pumas give birth to between one and six cubs, after a pregnancy of about three months. The cubs drink their mother’s milk until they are two or three months old. Cat facts •Male lions do live in prides, but are always heavily outnumbered by lionesses! •Many cats give birth to their cubs in dens. Here they are raised safely, out of harms’ way. •Puma siblings may stay together for a while, even after they have left their mother. 39 Undercover cats All big cats need to be able to blend in with their environment.

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