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This difference in potential is due, among other things, to an unequal distribution of ions (charged atoms) present on both sides of the cell membrane, the extracellular region being rich in sodium and calcium whereas the cytoplasm is rich in potassium. The passage of ions across the membrane of the neurons generates currents. When a neuron is activated, brief currents due to the passage of sodium (thus of positive charges) from the outside to the inside of the neuron Diego and Haydn 25 (thesecurrents last around five thousandths of a second) are produced along the axon, which temporarily makes the inside of the neuron positive.

A fantasy can be enough to organize the symp toms of a neurosis. Psychic reality takes precedence over external reality in Freudian thought, and so there is no point in making an exhaustive search for the causal event, especially since, he tells Fliess, there is no " 'indication of reality'" in the unconscious, even though it is on this 42 Biology of Freedom level that the earliest experiences are inscribed and "it is impossible to distinguish between truth and emotionallycharged fictionn (p. 216).

Through the processes of association, fusion, deformation, modification, and fragmentation the experience is reinscribed several times. It takes a new form, for example that of a fantasy. As Freud writes, fantasies are "constructed by a process of fusion and distortion" (18871902, 204), ending in a falsification of the scene that occurs, the chronological considerations notwithstanding, beyond the experience that really took place, with certain unused fragments of reality also able to enter into this combination.

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