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By Laura Lippman

This brief tale used to be initially released in Laura Lippman's assortment not often KNEW HER.

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"Criticism, as I comprehend and perform it, is evaluative in addition to interpretive," writes Eugene Goodheart. items of Resistance is a set of Goodheart's essays and stories written among 1960 and 1985. The publication responds to the political, cultural, and literary alterations expressed in this interval through novelists, critics, and reporters.

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Die Bücher, die Liebe und andere Geheimnisse …Wer kann Menschen, die gute Romane wollen, als Bedrohung empfinden? , fragt sich Kommissar Heffner ungläubig, als drei harmlose Menschen angegriffen werden, die einem geheimen Komitee angehören, das besondere Bücher auswählt. Auf der Suche nach der Wahrheit taucht Heffner ein in die geheimnisvolle Welt der Bücher und derer, die sie lieben.

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Yet in another essay Hawthorne is faulted not for a deficiency of ideas but for the poverty of his imagination of experience. " In denying his desires, he is denied "free access to experience . . " Hawthorne is a "romancer," as he described himself, rather than a true novelist. " Thus the "unregenerate temptress'' of The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne, becomes a symbol of novelistic possibility, ultimately undermined by Dimmesdale's confession, which reduces the experience of passion between the lovers to an allegory of sin.

The injustice of Russian life and the sense of frustration about the possibility of social reform encourage an extravagance of behavior and fantasy, which Dostoevsky was to transmute into a masterly art. In all these debates Dostoevsky was both observer and participant, whose vanity and resentment were constantly being exacerbated by other members of the various circles. We are given a glimpse of the underground man and his friends in Dostoevsky's various dealings with the other members of the radical intelligentsia.

To place Fiedler in such company might at first glance appear perverse. Or it might seem to those who have read An End to Innocence, that, if this judgement of his latest book is accurate, Fiedler has changed from his earlier rebelliousness. The truth is that the two collections of essays are of a piece. To be sure, there is nothing in the latest collection that compares with the essays on the Rosenbergs or the Hiss trial or Huck Finn for sheer provocation. No! in Thunder is a tamer book. But it must be insisted that the two books are ideologically similar in spirit, as a rereading of An End to Innocence makes clear.

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