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By Robyn Carr

3 friends--Nikki Burgess, who simply regained custody of her little ones; Dixie McPherson, who's trying to find real love; and Carlisle Bartlett, who harbors a dismal secret--get a moment likelihood at lifestyles and love once they subscribe to a brand new airline in Las Vegas, taking a big gamble on their desires. unique.

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I have to go through Drake’s things, Mother, and I need privacy for that. ” “I think April and Jared would like me to be here now,” she argued. “And who knows how much time I actually have. I’m not getting any younger, you know. ” By sheer dint of will, Nikki kept from rolling her eyes. Her mother had been suggesting her impending death since she was in her thirties. “You seem very well. ” “Don’t be too sure. Carolyn Johanson was three years younger than me, never had a sick day in her life, and—” Nikki cut her off, unwilling to go down that path again.

Nikki stared into his unblinking gray eyes, vaguely aware that her mouth hung open as she tried to understand. ” she finally said. ” He folded his hands primly. His deadpan expression did not convey any sympathy. ” “That’s impossible,” she said, a little laugh escaping her as though this were all just a big, nasty joke. ” “When the house is sold, he owes me half the equity—it’s part of our divorce agreement! ” “The firm is the beneficiary of one policy, for which it paid the premium. Drake let his personal policy lapse.

Immediately a troubled expression clouded the woman’s tanned and crinkled face, and she seemed to be wringing her hands on the dish towel she held. “Miss Nikki, Mr. ” “That’s okay, Lydia. ” The housekeeper moved closer to Nikki but didn’t make eye contact. ” Nikki replied in a near shout. ” The kids looked up from their food. Dixie clapped a hand over her heart. Buck and Carlisle entered the kitchen with a bottle of Scotch just in time to hear. Lydia actually flushed in embarrassment and began to fan her face.

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