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He says. ” Gibson looks crushed. He mutters an apology, but Cook’s no longer paying attention to him. “All right, sailors,” he says. ” Click here. 20 I t’s a week after the awful night when Burke, Wills, and King returned to Cooper’s Creek and found the camp deserted. For seven days they’ve been making halting progress southeast, and you’ve been with them. Every day is the same. The four of you start out by moonlight, when it’s coolest. You walk in single file through the scrub and the gum trees.

On deck, the horrified faces of the seamen tell you that there’s been a terrible accident. Only Cook looks calm. “Take in the sails,” he orders. ” With a wail, one of the sailors rushes to the rail to pitch himself into the water! Someone grabs him. ” he yells. ” You edge up to Banks. He is pale. “That sailor is probably right,” he says. “Coral is so sharp that it grinds away anything that rubs against it. ” For the next twenty-four hours the sailors work without stopping. It’s hard to believe how fast the water is pouring in.

43 I t’s 1884. From the looks of the vegetation—and the hordes of flies that keep getting into your eyes and mouth—you can tell you’re back in Australia. You’re at the edge of a little river, and about twenty feet away is a man holding a platypus by the tail. He’s too excited to notice you. And as you walk toward him, you can see that he’s so excited that he doesn’t even wonder how you arrived in such a deserted spot. “I did it! ” he yells, almost dancing with joy. ” you exclaim. ” The man looks at you in astonishment.

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