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In early 1944, all remaining Holman Projectors were landed, and two single 2in rocket signal guns were fitted on pedestal mounts forward of the bridge. Fairmile C MGB Numbers: MGBs 3 1 2 - 3 3 5 Dimensions: Length: 71ft 9in; Beam: 20ft 7in Draught: 5ft 9in Displacement: SWi tons Propulsion: Three supercharged Hall-Scott Defender engines Speed: 26Vi knots 41 HMS Grey Goose (SGB-9) entering harbour. These Denny Steam Gun Boats were reinforced with armoured plate during the war, and their armament was gradually increased, making them formidable E-Boat hunters.

Note: M G B 46 was built by BPB for the Royal Netherlands Navy as an M T B , but escaped to Britain in 1940 and was commissioned as a Royal Navy M G B . MGBs 5 0 - 6 7 were built by BPB for the French Navy as MA/SBs, but were completed as Royal Navy MGBs. 5in MGs on each side of bridge Complement: 2 officers, 7 ratings Note: MGBs 6 8 - 7 3 and 1 0 0 - 1 0 6 were built in America for the Finnish Navy, but transferred to Britain instead. 5in MGs on each side of bridge; two depth charges amidships Complement: 2 officers, 9 ratings MGB-46, a 70ft B P B vessel.

Other weapons While many MGBs and SGBs carried torpedoes, these weapons are covered in detail in the Osprey companion volume to this publication, British Motor Torpedo Boat, 1939-45. Suffice to say that both 18in and 21 in torpedoes were carried, depending on vessel type and availability. Similarly, mines and depth charges were used too, but although the latter weapon was sometimes used offensively during Coastal Forces actions, neither was really a main form of offensive weapon. Another widely used weapon was the Holman Projector, an anti-aircraft device that used compressed air to fire a hand-grenade up to a height of around 600ft.

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