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Annotation This ebook, a compilation of articles from Karl Lunt's long-running column for Nuts & Volts journal, is a must-read for all newbie and intermediate-level robotics lovers. Written in a pleasant, easy demeanour, it comprises wonderful anecdotes in addition to useful recommendation and guideline. The author's tales approximately his a variety of robotics tasks will encourage you to attempt them your self; and he Read more...

summary: Annotation This booklet, a compilation of articles from Karl Lunt's long-running column for Nuts & Volts journal, is a must-read for all newbie and intermediate-level robotics fanatics. Written in a pleasant, trouble-free demeanour, it includes exciting anecdotes in addition to sensible recommendation and guide. The author's tales approximately his a number of robotics tasks will encourage you to attempt them your self; and he stocks his suggestions and code that can assist you. attainable initiatives diversity from reworking a television handheld remote control right into a robotic controller to construction a robotic from a drink cooler. you need to construct all of them; the author's enthusiasm for robotics is contagious!

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