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By Robert Burnham Jr.

This complete assurance of the hundreds of thousands of celestial items open air our sun method. quantity II of the three-volume paintings comprises entries from Chamaeleon to Orion.

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Astronomy (April 2016)

This gorgeous calendar captures the main dramatic celestial occasions of the yr. attractive images and paintings contain photos of a complete eclipse of the moon, a couple of galaxies colliding, and the Hubble house Telescope picture of Saturn. every month additionally contains details on viewing a variety of celestial occasions.

StarBriefs Plus: A Dictionary of Abbreviations, Acronyms and Symbols in Astronomy and Related Space Sciences

With approximately 200,000 entries, StarBriefs Plus represents the main accomplished and safely established number of abbreviations, acronyms, contractions and emblems inside astronomy, comparable house sciences and different similar fields. As such, this useful reference resource (and its spouse quantity, StarGuides Plus) can be at the reference shelf of each library, association or person with any curiosity in those parts.


Examines the actual features and prerequisites of Mars, describing its place when it comes to the solar and different planets and surveying humanity's makes an attempt to penetrate its mysteries.

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