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This action depends only on the object, not on the rest of the program. Therefore, there can be only one destructor and a destructor has no arguments passed to it, and it returns no result. The Bez:ier class In this section the class for Bezier curves is described. The Bezier class provides the routines for calculating the coordinates of points on a Bezier curve. One constructor is passed the coordinates of its control points, and a second is passed the value of TMax as well. These values are used to set up the arrays which are used to calculate the x,y coordinates of points on the curve.

A class may have many constructors. Constructors and destructors must be public functions. Once a class has been declared, its member functions may be written. These must specify that they belong to the particular class, but are otherwise declared like any other function. In addition, all the member functions have access to all other member functions and variables, regardless of whether such items are private or public. A class declaration and its functions define an object type which may be used.

Int Difference :: Between (int p, int pl, int p2) { if (pl

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