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More specifically, the mechanism of anomerisation of the ethyl D-xylopyranosides was investigated using a technique involving two sets of parallel experiments, one of 89 90 91 92 93 94 86 H. J. Jennings, Canad. J. , 1968, 46, 2799. R. Emilozzi, Bull. Chem. France. H. Yoshimura, K. Oguri, and H. Tsukamoto, Tetrahedron Letters, 1968, 483. P. sipog and s. , 1968, 6 , 494. G . Wagner and H. Gentzsch, Arch. , 1968, 301, 201. G . Wagner and H. Gentzsch, Arch. , 1968, 301, 346. D. Heller and G . Wagner, 2.

C), 1968, 1903. D. E. Hoiness, C. P. Wade, and S. P. Rowland, Canad. J. , 1968, 46, 667. 1 6 0 J. T. Marvel, S. K. Sen, F. T. Uenaka, J. W. Berry, and A. J. , 1968,6, 18. 161 M. Tubis, K. Parsons, J. S. Endow, S. S. Rawalay, and P. H. Crandall, J. , 1967, 8, 551. m aB, I. Mikhantjev, V. L. Lapenko, and V. E. Sopina, Zhur. , 1968, 38, 158 159 2616. Ramnas and 0. , 1968, 6 , 355. ~H~. CH, OH (75) 33 HO OH (76) Various long-chain alkylated derivatives of D-glucose were synthesised by utilising the base-catalysed ring-opening reaction undergone by epoxides.

74. r. spectroscopy at 220 MHz to adopt the C1 conformation (110) in acetone and chloroform solution (see p. 194), and an improved procedure for the preparation of the latter (1 11) was described which affords yields of ca. 50%. Methyl ribofuranoside was acetylated with acetic anhydride in pyridine or with acetic anhydride and acetic acid in the presence of sulphuric acid, and in the former case the products were acetolysed with the latter reagents to give the required compound. 200 It was very mild in its action and was suitable for acetylation of a wide range of hydroxy-compounds including enols and primary, secondary, and tertiary alcohols.

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