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Psychoanalysis is arguably crucial highbrow improvement of the 20 th century; phrases like repressed, neurotic, ego, and paranoid are actually a part of our daily vernacular. In Cassandra's Daughter, Joseph Schwartz provides the historical past of psychoanalysis from its origins within the nineteenth-century to the current day. Schwartz explains the pre-Freudian ways to psychological ailment, Freud's personal theories, and the controversies provoked through Freudian inspiration within the analytic group. He then makes a speciality of Freud's colleagues, opponents, successors, and detractors together with Carl Jung, Alfred Adler, Harry Stack Sullivan, Melanie Klein, and Erich Fromm. Schwartz contextualizes rival faculties and interpretations in addition to probing the connection among psychoanalysis, physics, and biology, whereas debunking the feedback that psychoanalysis isn't really a sound technological know-how.

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20 June 1885) In a d d i t i o n to the g o o d news about the grant, F r e u d achieved a long-sought academic appointment as Privatdozent. T h i n g s were l o o k ­ i n g u p . Six days later, o n 26 J u n e , he wrote M a r t h a a nostalgic letter about his inaugural lecture to be given the f o l l o w i n g d a y . I am wondering who w i l l turn up at the lecture tomorrow. Strange to think that I shall be standing in Brucke's auditorium where I did my first work and with an enthusiasm I have never known since and where I had hoped to stand at least as an assistant beside the old man.

B u t F r e u d was part o f a team, w o r k i n g o n leading problems 29 CASSANDRA'S DAUGHTER to be sure, but still just part of a team. A n d he knew this better than m a n y o f his followers. H i s assessments o f his early w o r k are matter-of-fact recognitions o f being a c o g i n the wheel o f the research enterprise (Freud, 1897a). In a later letter to R u d o l f B r u n , the Swiss psychiatrist a n d chronicler of F r e u d ' s early neurological career w h o h a d requested copies of F r e u d ' s neurological papers, F r e u d ' s daughter A n n a wrote (FreudP, B i ) : ' H e wants y o u to k n o w that he sends [them] to y o u w i t h pleasure a n d remarks only that most o f these small w o r k s collected there as separate reprints are w o r t h very little.

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