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Devlin can see no consistent way in which the physical paternalist can avoid commitment to moralistic paternalism: "If society has an interest which permits it to legislate in the one case, why not in the other? "19 Once we have arrived at moralistic paternalism, we are already half way down the bumpy slope to legal moralism, for If it is difficult to draw a line between moral and physical paternalism, it is impossible to draw one of any significance between moral paternalism and the enforcement of the moral law.

I should also point out two further terminological consequences of these definitions. First, there can be wrongless harmdoing 1 , but there cannot be wrongless harmdoing 2 , for if an act does not wrong another, it cannot be a case of harmdoing 2 , but is at most harmdoing 1 . Second, corresponding to the technical term harm 2 is a special sense of "victim" designed to go exclusively with it. In this sense B is A's victim if and only if A harms 2 him, that is, both sets back his interests and wrongs him.

MacCormick's arguments are persuasive that even a penal code based exclusively on the harm principle (and any penal code will be largely based on that principle) is meant to do more than merely prevent harm. In so protecting people, it also means to vindicate the morality of preventing harm and respecting autonomy. That is why its sanctions are punishments expressing public reprobation and moral censure of the harm-causing wrongdoer. Indeed, any liberty-limiting principle, in the sense we have assigned that LEGAL MORALISM AND NON-GRIEVANCE EVILS I3 term, is a principle for enforcing some segment of some morality.

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