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By Stanley C. Ratner (auth.), W. C. Corning, S. C. Ratner (eds.)

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Studies of pupillary conditioning. J. Exp. , 1958,55,97. Chapter 6 Polythetic Operationism and the Phylogeny of Learningl Donald D . Jensen Department of Psychology Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana During the last two decades, learning has been reported in several simpler invertebrates, and these findings have been criticized and attacked. Because this controversy has been both heated and prolonged, one can suspect that more is involved than differences in the facts available to different investigators.

Thus for learning there would be unique DNA, RNA, and protein species. Examples of this possibility are the DNA activation model of Gaito (1966) and the DNA derepression model of Bonner (1966). Bonner suggested that in neurons there is a gene (or a few particular genes) which is repressed, 'The following discussion excludes a fourth type of RNA which Bonner (1965) found adhering to histones, apparently providing a specificity for the latter's complexing with DNA. This histone RNA is not pertinent to this paper.

Science, 1965, 150, 69. Bennett, E. , M. C. Diamond, D. Krech, and M. R. Rosenzweig, Chemical and anatomical plasticity of brain. Science, 1964, 146, 610. , The next new biology. Plant Sci. , 1965,11,1. , Molecular biological approaches to the study of memory, in J. , Macromolecules and Behavior. , 1966. Byrne, W. , et al. (23 authors), RNA and memory transfer. Science, 1966,153,658. Corning, W. , and E. R. John, Effect of ribonuclease on retention of conditioned response in regenerated planarians.

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