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By Konstantin Fedin

Michael Scammell (Translator)

originally released in Russian in 1924 and used to be one of many first significant literary accomplishments within the Soviet republic.

The towns are Berlin and Moscow, the years these of the 1st global struggle and the Russian Revolution, and the subject matter enduring: what function should still the intelligentsia play within the inevitable revolution looming over society? Konstantin Fedin's extreme exploration of battle and its aftermath specializes in Andrei Startsov, an highbrow who needs to combat along with his ambivalence towards the convulsions in his place of origin and together with his love for the rebellious and fiercely autonomous Marie.

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Ideas can be conceived only by m ankind. ” “Exterm ination,” sounded from behind. “Exterm ination,” fluttered from in front. “I don’t see that,” objected the professor. ” asked Startsov. ” “T here at the crossroads. It’s shining but it will go out, it will certainly go o u t .. ” “ A bout the m useum cu rato r? O h, b u t th a t was se n tim e n t, h u m an se n tim en t! ” “D eath,” caught up the wheeze. T h e fence o f b illb o a rd s b eg an to ru m b le an d g ro an an d drow ned their qu iet talking.

Asked Andrei. ” T he tall man came right up to A ndrei’s face and examined it carefully. “Citizen, give me something for a piece of bread,” he suddenly grumbled and his mouth opened still wider. ” asked Andrei. T he man stood silent a short time, with face frozen and eyes bulging, then turned and quickly ran round the corner. An old m an w ent by, w ith his body b en t forw ard and legs which dragged half a pace behind his body. His feet were wrapped in heavy wet rags and on the sidewalk behind him remained tracks like those of a mop.

H e held him self erect like a good soldier and loudly clicked his heels when the man sit­ ting behind the table lifted his eyes to him. “I got left behind my troop train going hom e. H ere are my papers. Please attach me to the nearest party. I should have . . ” “I was buying potatoes for my comrades. T h e train commander said we would halt for eight hours. I went to a little village about two to three kilom eters away. At the same tim e the train took » » » 31 « « « them away on some branch-line.

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