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By E. L. Fuller

content material: Theoretical and experimental methods to the carbonization of coal and coal blends / Maggi Forrest and Harry Marsh --
Characterization of alkanes in extracts of coals, lignites, and similar fuels / K.D. Bartle, D.W. Jones, and H. Pakdel --
Fourier rework IR spectroscopy : program to the quantitative decision of sensible teams in coal / Paul C. Painter, Randy W. Snyder, Michael Starsinic, Michael M. Coleman, Deborah W. Kuehn, and Alan Davis --
functions of Fourier rework IR spectroscopy in gas technology / P.R. Solomon, D.G. Hamblen, and R.M. Carangelo --
Chemistry and constitution of coals : diffuse reflectance IR Fourier remodel (DRIFT) spectroscopy of air oxidation / N.R. Smyrl and E.L. Fuller, Jr. --
complete elemental research of coal and fly ash / R.A. Nadkarni --
software of inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) to steel quantitation and speciation in synfuels / R.S. Brown, D.W. Hausler, J.W. Hellgeth, and L.T. Taylor --
choice of chlorine in natural mix within the coal substance / J.N. Chakrabarti --
Electron probe microanalysis : a method of direct selection of natural sulfur in coal / Robert Raymond, Jr. --
Chemical fractionation and research of natural compounds in approach streams of low BTU gasifier effluents / R.L. Hanson, R.E. Royer, J.M. Benson, R.L. chippie, G.J. Newton, and R.F. Henderson --
Solvent research of coal-derived items utilizing strain filtration / Bruce R. Utz, Nand ok. Narain, Herbert R. Appell, and Bernard D. Blaustein --
Scanning electron miscroscope-based computerized photo research (SEM-AIA) and Mössbauer spectroscopy : quantitative characterization of coal minerals / F.E. Huggins, G.P. Huffman, and R.J. Lee --
Analytical tools within the coal guidance : present prestige and improvement wishes / Leon N. Klatt --
Coal as power within the metal / Dan P. Manka --
Electron optical and IR spectroscopic research of coal carbonization / J.J. Friel, S. Mehta, and D.M. Follweiler.

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Marsh H. Ext. Abs. 15th Conf. on Carbon, Philadelphia, American Carbon Society 1981, p. 124. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1982. 25 2 Characterization of Alkanes in Extracts of Coals, Lignites, and Related Fuels K. D. BARTLE University of Leeds, Department of Physical Chemistry, Leeds LS2, 9JT, England D. W. JONES and H. R. ) in the separation and identification of alkanes extracted from fossil fuels is illustrated with three Turkish lignites (including one extracted by supercritical gas), coal tar and petroleum crude.

The emphasis i s on the c h e m i c a l - s h i f t p r o f i l e (j_0) and peak areas r a t h e r than on s p i n - s p i n c o u p l i n g constants (Table I I I ) . Although the 100 MHz s p e c t r a i n d i c a t e t h a t the n-hexane-soluble p a r t o f Montan wax i n CCli* has r a t h e r s i m i l a r hydrogen d i s t r i b u t i o n s t o the c h l o r o f o r m - s o l u b l e part,about 5k% of Montan wax was s o l u b l e i n n-hexane; presumably the n-hexanei n s o l u b l e f r a c t i o n contains a l l the alkanes, as w e l l as p o l y c y c l i c aromatics.

For a l l the f u e l e x t r a c t s examined, removal o f n-alkanes by molecular s i e v e from the t o t a l alkanes causes small changes i n the methyl absorptions as a r e s u l t o f changing p r o p o r t i o n s o f s p i n - s p i n t r i p l e t s (from C# -CH -), doublets (from C# -CH-), and s i n g l e t s (from CH -Cc). K. low-temperature-carbonization c l a s s i c a l coal t a r . ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1982. 2. BARTLE ET AL. R. Spectra: ( i ) t o t a l - a l k a n e e x t r a c t (before n-alkane removal); ( i i ) branched-chain/cyclic e x t r a c t ( a f t e r n-alkane removal by molecular s i e v e .

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