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By Andrew Troelsen (auth.)

COM and .NET Interoperability presents a whole evaluation of the method of establishing .NET purposes that have interaction (interoperate) with present COM code. ahead of digging into that serious subject, writer Andrew Troelsen bargains a concise evaluate of the COM structure and offers examples utilizing a variety of COM frameworks (C++, ATL, and VB 6.0) in addition to the center .NET controlled languages (C# and VB .NET).

After masking the preliminaries, the publication explores quite a few matters that come up in interoperability, together with interacting with the Win32 API, dynamically producing resource code through System.CodeDOM, growing serviced (COM+) elements utilizing controlled code, manually enhancing (and recompiling) .NET metadata, and the method of making customized COM/.NET conversion utilities. either intermediate and complex builders will welcome the sensible details they should quick paintings with COM and COM+ in .NET functions, and the right way to create .NET elements which are COM appropriate.

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Table 1-10. NET interop or Pinvoke. Many of the static members seen in the previous tables are more low Ievel than you will need for your day-to-day programming tasks. However, you will see useful examples when necessary throughout the remainder of this text. The OllimportAttribute Type The final piece of the Pinvoke puzzle is the DllimportAttribute type. NET type combines the functionality of the Win32 LoadLibrary() and GetProcAddress() APis into a well-encapsulated dass. 0-style declare statement.

Table 1-l illustrates some of the more common options. Table 1-1. exe Flag lall Meaning in Life This option displays all available information except code disassembly. ldisasm This option displays disassembly of code sections, using symbols if present in the file. Iexports This option displays all definitions exported from an executable file or DLL. 9 Chapter I Table 1-1. exe Flag Meaning in Life /imports This option displays all definitions imported to an executable file or OLL. /summary This optiondisplaysminimal information about sections, including total size.

Given the fact that you specified a method named MessageBox, you can correctly assume that the default value of ExactSpelling is false. dll", ExactSpelling = true)] public static extern int MessageBox( ... ); II Uh-oh! dll! As you can see, the ExactSpelling field basically allows you to be "lazy" and ignore the W or A suffixes. However, Plnvoke clearly needs to ultimately resolve the exact name of the function you wish to call. When you leave ExactSpelling at its default value ("false"), the Ietter A is appended to the method name under ANSI environments and the Ietter Wunder Unicode environments.

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