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During this hugely readable and well-arranged compilation-including his much-celebrated "The perform of examining strong Books" and award-winning "Playing with Bateson"-Corey Anton brings jointly a few of his so much obtainable and well-received essays. the gathering, as well as advancing and integrating the fields of media ecology and normal semantics, might be of significant curiosity to those who are involved over the altering position of interpreting and literacy in modern existence. A stimulating and provocative ebook having vast relevance to students and scholars within the components of semiotics, rhetorical thought, orality/literacy reports, philosophy of verbal exchange, pedagogical conception, and verbal exchange conception, verbal exchange exposed bargains numerous insights and broad-based orientations concerning the nature of language, linguistic and communicative conduct, verbal exchange applied sciences, and symbolic practices extra in general. this can be a "must have" source for someone attracted to multidisciplinary communique concept.

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Obviously then, the goal is not simply to produce sounds accurately but to carefully interpret what those sounds mean. In practice this means we need others to discuss readings with us. Our talk with others about readings is an essential part of reading. But this is stated too simply. In his A History of Reading, Alberto Manguel tells of his reading aloud to Borges and how Borges analyzed, extrapolated, and elaborated as he followed along. Manguel’s point is that sometimes, perhaps often, we need experienced readers as guides.

P. cm. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. ISBN 978-0-9827559-4-5 (cloth hardcover : alk. paper) -- ISBN 978-0-9827559-5-2 (pbk. paper) 1. General semantics. 2. Communication--Social aspects. 3. Mass media--Socials aspects. 4. Mass media and language. I. Title. 94--dc22 2011009710 To the person who has made so many contributions to this collection and to my life, I dedicate this work to Valerie V. Peterson. Table of Contents Acknowledgments Preface Part I: Pedagogical Orientations Chapter 1: The Practice of Reading Good Books: A Plea to Teachers and Students Chapter 2: Learning about Education Metaphors: Study as a Way of Life Part II: Explorations in General Semantics Chapter 3: Playing With Bateson: Denotation, Logical Types, and Analog and Digital Communication Chapter 4: A Levels Orientation to Abstraction, Logical Typing, and Language More Generally Chapter 5: Korzybski and Bateson: Paradoxes in ‘Consciousness of Abstracting’ Chapter 6: Is There a Territory Without Maps?

For such study readers are neither interested in discovering what is “statistically significant” nor in accumulating coherent additions to the stock-body of knowledge. Here is another way to come at this general issue. Now, of course, a mind is not a bucket or physical container, but we might, for illustrative purposes, imagine that minds are somehow similar to containers in some ways. Consider the diagrams below: Diagram A represents the mind during easy reading, or browsing. The arrows represent information, and, in this case, people encounter familiar words and familiar syntax.

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