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He wed Caecillia, the daughter of Pomponius Atticus, divorcing her to marry Marcella, the wealthy niece of Augustus. That marriage resulted in the birth of Vipsania Agrippina, the first wife of Emperor Tiberius. , when he was recalled to Rome, he married Julia, Augustus’s daughter. She bore him three sons and a daughter. A-Group An independent people in Upper Agrippa, Marcus Vipsanius (d. E. at the battle of ACTIUM. , Agrippa was a constant companion to Octavian, nephew to Julius CAESAR and the future Emperor AUGUSTUS.

E. He was a consul of Rome when Marc Antony and OCTAVIAN, the future Augustus and first emperor of Rome, proved unable to remain political allies. ), Antony’s famed lover, to be an evil influence. E. He died soon after, supposedly of remorse, but probably from a terminal illness. His foul temper was legendary. Ah’hotep (1) (fl. ) Royal woman of the Seventeenth Dynasty She was the consort of Sekenenre TA’O II (c. ) and the mother of the founder of the New Kingdom, ’AHMOSE (r. ). The daughter of Senakhtenre TA’O I and Queen TETISHERI, Ah’hotep was raised in DEIR EL-BAAS, just north of Thebes, during the period in which the HYKSOS, or Asiatics, ruled the northern territories.

He also viewed himself as the lone mediator with Aten, thus injuring the great bureaucratic machinery that maintained Egypt’s vast government agencies. His destruction of temple plantations, sources of valuable food products, led Egypt toward economic ruin. Abuses by lesser offiHOTEP III akhet 19 cials and the weakening of established distribution processes started early in his reign. In his eighth year, Akhenaten welcomed his mother, Queen Tiye, and his sister, BAKETAMUN, to the capital. They accepted a villa there and remained at Akhenaten’s side.

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