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By Sara Heinämaa, Vili Lähteenmäki, Pauliina Remes

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Both hard and soft” (Rep. 17 Because objects are always embedded in complex contexts, an indefinite number of possible relata immediately present themselves. The result is that “sense perception indicates that what is light is also heavy, and what is heavy, light” (Rep. 524a9–10). The soul is unable to rest, it is perplexed (aporein 524a7) and the indeterminacy draws the faculties of mind in, to adjudicate. Plato’s thought here is not that mind is only engaged when such relational predicates are at issue; rather, among sense perceptions some “certainly summon the help of intelligence (noe−sis) to examine them because sensation does not achieve a sound result” (Rep.

See, for example Rosenthal, David, “Two concepts of consciousness”, Philosophical Studies 49 (1986), 329–359; Dretske, Fred, “Conscious experience”, Mind 102 (1993), 263–283; Block, Ned, “On a confusion about a function of consciousness”, Behavioral and Brain Sciences 18 (1995), 227–287. 5 Are these various topics interrelated in fact? Or is it mere historical accident rather than the unfolding of any inner logic in our various conceptions of mentality and experience? This book may help to bring this to light.

O’Brien, Denis, “Perception et intelligence dans le Timée de Platon”, in T. Calvo and L. ), Interpreting the Timaeus-Critias: Proceedings of the IV Symposium Platonicum (Sankt Augustin: Academia Verlag, 1997). See especially 208–303. ) 21 Translations of the Philebus follow Dorothea Frede (Philebus, Indianapolis: Hackett, 1993), unless otherwise noted. 22 Thomas Johansen argues that, in the Timaeus, this is unproblematic because “Both soul and body are spatially extended and move in space. Because both body and ON PLATO’S LACK OF CONSCIOUSNESS 43 us unaffected.

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