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By Chungmin Lee, Ferenc Kiefer, Manfred Krifka

A workforce of authors containing either best professionals and younger researchers addresses a couple of problems with contrastiveness, polarity goods and exhaustivity, quantificational expressions and the implicatures they generate, and the interplay among semantic operators and speech acts. the nineteen contributions offer insights at the interaction among semantics and pragmatics. The volume’s succeed in is cross-linguistic and takes an unorthodox multi-paradigm procedure. Languages studied variety from eu languages together with Hungarian and Russian to East Asian languages resembling jap and Korean, with wealthy facts on concentration and discourse debris. This quantity contributes to a tremendous region of study in linguistics of the decade, and gives novel, cutting-edge perspectives on the various principal issues in linguistic study, and may attract an viewers of graduate and complex undergraduate researchers in linguistics, philosophy of language and computational linguistics.

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Did SUECF marry Sam↑ or did RITACF marry Sam↓? ) (25’) B: No, RITACF married Sam. ” equivalent to (28). It is possible only if there are immediately relevant alternative referents presupposed in the context. It is distinct from ordinary wh-Qs that denote a set of multiple alternative possibilities, out of which one individual (say, Rita) that corresponds to the wh-word is chosen in the answer. It is simply F-marked. Observe (29). (29) Who got married to Sam? {λw. Mary got married to Sam in w, λw.

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