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By Philip A. Schweitzer P.E.

This booklet covers various particular coatings and good sheet and liquid utilized linings, targeting floor guidance, install, and applicaton and detailing actual, mechanical, and total corrosion resisitance. It compares and contrasts person linings and coatings together with glass, cement, quite a few paints for concrete, and steel and polymer-based coatings. Then it examines the consequences of temperature extremes equivalent to coalescence, sagging and slumping, leveling, and adhesion. The booklet contains an research of natural, metal, and monolithic coatings and paints for concrete and assesses polyester, acrylic, and urethane coatings that supply atmospheric defense.

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These rings are similar to those used in the installation of unlined RTP equipment. The proper bolt torque should be used when making up flanged joints to prevent damage by overtorguing. Fluoropolymer coated bolts are useful in this situation since they provide consistent lubrication for accurate torques. They also 26 Chapter 2 permit easy disassembly at a later date since they provide an uncorroded surface. This prevents flange damage from excessive disassembly forces. REFERENCES 1. Schweitzer, Philip A.

Polypropylene may be subject to environmental stress cracking (see Chapter 1). The occurrence is difficult to predict. It is dependent upon the process chemistry, operating conditions, and quality of fabrication. 9, which gives the compatibility of polypropylene with selected corrodents, certain chemical/liner ratings are identified by an ‘‘e,’’ indicating that the liner in contact with that specific chemical may be susceptible to ESC. Reference 2 provides a more comprehensive compatibility listing.

14 Continued Maximum temp. Chemical °F °C Copper chloride Copper cyanide Copper sulfate Cresol Cupric chloride 5% Cupric chloride 50% Cyclohexane Cyclohexanol Dichloroacetic acid Dichloroethane (ethylene dichloride) Ethylene glycol Ferric chloride Ferric chloride 50% in water Ferric nitrate 10–50% Ferrous chloride Ferrous nitrate Fluorine gas, dry Fluorine gas, moist Hydrobromic acid, dilute Hydrobromic acid 20% Hydrobromic acid 50% Hydrochloric acid 20% Hydrochloric acid 38% Hydrocyanic acid 10% Hydrofluoric acid 30% Hydrofluoric acid 100% Hypochlorous acid Ketones, general Lactic acid, concentrated Magnesium chloride Malic acid Methyl chloride Methyl ethyl ketone Methyl isobutyl ketone Muriatic acid 180 130 180 150 160 170 120 90 120 80 82 54 82 66 71 77 49 32 49 27 180 140 140 130 130 80 x x 120 120 130 180 180 120 160 x 120 90 80 180 80 80 x 80 180 82 60 60 54 54 27 x x 49 49 54 82 82 49 71 x 49 32 27 82 27 27 x 27 82 Maximum temp.

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