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By Isaac Asimov


Whether he’s diving to the ground of the Marianas Trench, development the Brooklyn Bridge, or racing with the rate of sunshine to the farthest reaches of the universe, Isaac Asimov excites our intellect.

In this notable new assortment, he's taking us on a stupendous trip again 4.5 billion years, calculates the Day 1, and appears for the runaway asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. alongside the way in which he teaches us to prevent the “bends,” and to seek for quarks. From robots to Einstein, black holes to anti-matter, COUNTING THE EONS is an exciting mixture of Asimov’s clinical wit and wonder.

*And that glittering diamond? in exactly an eon or , it is going to revert to a extra reliable kind of carbon—graphite.

“ASIMOV PROVES HIS recognition because the DEAN OF renowned technological know-how WRITERS.”

Los Angeles Times

“ASIMOV’S arguable variety [sic!] AND SHEER selection TO curiosity THE READER SHINES THROUGH.”

The manhattan instances

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