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By Christopher G. Lasater

Layout styles books were becoming more popular on account that languages like Java and C++ first grew to become conventional. for the reason that Microsoft published its first actually object-oriented language, .NET, software program designers from an excellent broader diversity of commercial and programming spheres were searching for how you can refine and write higher code. Many have grew to become towards layout styles, iterative and AGILE layout methodologies, and different extra outlined how you can enhance functionality, maintainability, portability, and scalability of code in addition to layout strategies. This ebook suits into that desire in that it could possibly educate those that write software program new talents and methods for bettering their latest and new coding efforts.

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Gif”; Creational Patterns 45 Creational Patterns The particular problem in the previous section illustrates a lack of polymorphic cohesion between factories. We stated a need for a common interface between factories due to the need for additions to the existing code and a common way to introduce attribute values. To accomplish this we first need to establish the base factory as the contract: Abstract Factory Pattern return attributes; } } Each concrete implementation of the AbstractObjectFactory class can have its own logic for how it returns its expected class type(s).

In the next solution we will look at another way in which the Factory pattern is utilized, using inheritance instead of reflection to identify the accepted class types for a workflow. 34 Chapter 2 Factory Pattern Solution 2b: Use abstractions of the factory to determine allowable class types using inheritance (instead of reflection) FactoryInherited::Armani FactoryInherited::Suit Creational Patterns Another way we could determine which classes are available from each factory instance without using an outside registry method or reflection is to use abstractions of the factory, and inside those abstractions determine the allowable class type implementations for each factory type.

If you did not have reflection methods in your language API, doing this would be hard, if not impossible. Reflection can be used in place of compiled code relationships to make your code more dynamic. There are a few examples in this book that use reflection. I make use of reflection to extend some of the pattern examples where this is appropriate. I do this to provide some coding solutions that are not usually part of patterns texts, but are good examples of implementations of real-world solutions.

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