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By Francisco J. André

This booklet provides a methodological technique for the joint layout of monetary and environmental rules. the place to begin is the statement that, in perform, coverage makers don't frequently have a well-defined goal, yet they're ordinarily considering a few monetary and environmental signs that clash with one another. In view of this, coverage making is addressed by way of combining separate analytical methods: a number of standards determination making (MCDM) and computable basic equilibrium (CGE) modeling. the purpose is to come back up with a methodological framework for coverage layout that is either operational and in keeping with financial idea. in brief, this ebook bargains a unified view of this novel process, paying unique consciousness to the connections among financial and environmental pursuits. The methodological foundations are offered in addition to a few actual purposes that illustrate the pragmatic worth of the theoretical proposal.

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I) To Conclude. Some Recent Related Applications This brief review of the origins of applied general equilibrium models has revealed one of the most important strengths of this approach. Indeed, AGE models are so versatile that they can be accommodated to a wide array of fields. Moreover, their use has spread to specific areas where there was no previous room for global analyses and where almost no formal works on impact measures had yet been developed. A presentation of the state of the art can be found in Kehoe et al.

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