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In the past fifteen years there was a dramatic raise within the variety of assorted surfaces whose buildings were decided experimentally. for instance, while in 1979 there have been simply 25 recorded adsorption constructions, so far there are greater than 250. This quantity is hence a well timed assessment of the state of the art during this dynamic box.

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7. html. 8. Raghunathan, K. and Gullett, B. , Role of Sulfur in Reducing PCDD and PCDF Formation, Environmental Science and Technology, Vol. 30. No. 6, pp. 1827–1834, June 1996. 9. S. Department of Energy, June 1998. 10. Baker, D. , Projected Emissions of Hazardous Air Pollutants from a Shell Gasification Process – Combined-Cycle Power Plant, Fuel, Volume 73, No. 7, July 1994. 11. Vick, S. , Slagging Gasification Injection Technology for Industrial Waste Elimination, 1996 Gasification Technology Conference, San Francisco, CA, October 1996.

It is expected that the IDGCC could handle coals with lower moisture content and higher ash content. As the IDGCC plant is based on a fluidized-bed gasification technology, it is then not recommended, as in most of the fluidizedbed technologies, for coals with relatively low reactivities and coals with low ash melting points. fm Page 57 Thursday, January 20, 2005 3:42 PM Coal Gasification Technologies 57 without robbing or much reduced robbing of the steam cycle and may have potential for future development.

Slag formed during the gasification process is quenched in a water bath and is then removed through a lock hopper system. The only commercial-scale unit is based in Puertollano in Spain (capacity of 338 MWe). It is the largest unit worldwide based on solid fuels. The plant has been operating since 1996 and can process up to 2600 ton/day of coal/petcoke fuel mixed with limestone (2% weight) and produces 180,000 m3/day of raw gas. The annual production of slag (85% of the ash in weight) and fly ash (15% of the ash in weight) are 120,000 ton and 12,000 ton per year, respectively.

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