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Afòs nonm-lan té ka bégéyé, nou pa té sa menm konpwann li. The man was stammering so much we couldn’t even understand him. [< Fr. bégayer] bèlsè N sister-in-law. Non bèlsè’y sé Mawi. Her sister-in-law’s name is Marie. (see also: bèlfi, bèlmè, bofis, bofwè, bopè) [< Fr. belle-soeur] bék N bake: flat bread cooked on a hot plate. Bék cho bon épi bè. Hot bakes are good with butter. (syn: roti; see also: dalpouri, sohari) [< Eng. bake] bèlté N beauty. Nonm-lan mayé’y pou bèlté’y, mé i pa té sa tjwit manjé byen.

Bouwi vyann-an. They’re boiling the meat. (see also: fwi, tjwit) 2) to stir, to swirl, to splash. Lè balenn-an fésé kò’y a tè, i fè dlo-a bouwi. When the whale threw itself down, it made the water splash. 3) to be angry. Lè i wè sa, i té ka bouwi andidan’y. When he saw that, he was angry. (see also: faché) 4) to growl, to rumble (used of stomach). Bouden mwen ka bouwi. My stomach’s growling. [< Fr. boullir] bwa2 N 1) wood. Sé kay-la té fèt an bwa. The houses were made of wood. 2) same as gwan bwa.

See also: asasiné, goumen, mélimélanj, roro) [< Fr. bataille] batayè N fighter, battler. Lè papa mwen té an ladjè-a i té on bon batayè. When my father was in the war he was a good fighter. [< Fr. batailleur] batmanntjè N heart attack. Si ou kontiné manjé gwès kon sa, talè ou kay jwenn batmanntjè. If you continue eating fat like that, soon you will get a heart attack. baté V to load (normally with animals). Ou baté mwen kon on bouwik! You’ve loaded me like a donkey! (opp: débaté; see also: batjé) [< Fr.

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